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Delwa Star H&P

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The Delwa-Star H&P Eco Therm provides gentle heat therapy treatment to help reduce an enlarged prostate, relieve swelling and assist in pain relief.

The Delwa-Star H&P Eco Therm is designed to use a pulsating heat therapy that for some can be an alternative to surgery, and it's easy to use in your own home.  Some users report results after only a week, and if your prostate condition does well with any sort of heat therapy, the Eco Therm could help.  It is used for prostatic hypertrophy, benign prostate hyperplasia, prostatic ademona, benign enlarged prostate and prostatitis (inflammed prostate gland).

In Europe, statistics show that the Eco Therm relieved more than 85% of patients of prostatitis and more than 80% of benign prostate hyperplasia.  It is comfortable therapy with no pain, toxins or side effects.  It is IKS controlled and FDA approval is pending.

Note:  There is no guarantee this device will work for your condition.  Always consult a doctor before starting any new therapy. 

How does the Delwa-Star Eco Therm work?

A micro-processor controls the unit which heats a thermal element sealed inside a rectal probe - the probe is shaped like an elongated suppository and is placed in the anal canal at the temperature of your choice.  It emits pulsing heat waves at that temperature for 20 minute periods.  The Eco Therm is easy to use and hygienic.  The probe is made with of a metal core with a super smooth ceramic coating that emits far infrared heat.


  • Therapy period: 20 minutes
  • Adjustable temperature range from 97-113 F
  • Start/stop switch
  • Temperature: preliminary setting/current setting
  • Battery charge level
  • Probe monitor
  • Charging time after connecting the battery charger
  • Power Battery pack (6 x 1,2 V) 600mA h
  • Choose your voltage - Plug adapters will be required to fit different plug sockets.
  • Operating time:  two hours when fully charged (= 6 x 20 minutes periods). Time may vary depending on the temperature level.
  • Includes one  3.375" ceramic far infrared emitting probe.

Battery charger:

  • External appliance 220 V/110 V
  • Charging time: 60 minutes with time monitor
  • Optimum protection of batteries
  • Recharging monitor and display

What is the prostate and what problems can arise?

The prostate is found only in men; a small gland below the bladder, in front of the rectum.  The urethra carries urine through the prostate.  The prostate never stops growing so eventually, many men over 60 start to experience a pinching of the urethra due to the inflamed prostate.  This can cause pain, weak flow and frequent urination.

The prostate can experience three major problems including Prostatitis (which includes acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis), Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer

If you are experiencing weak flow, pain and feel the need to urinate frequently, you need to have your prostate checked out.

Common references:  Ecotherm, Eco-Therm, Eco Therm, Eco Thermo, Delwa Star, Anal Heater

Warning: If anal bleeding should occur please consult your doctor. He will be able to advise you whether this is due to the prostate or not. This is a Class 2 medical device and is NOT returnable, except for malfunctions which will be repaired. The probe is NOT returnable. No health claims can be made about this device. If you have prostate problems, please seek the counsel of a licensed medical professional.

Return information:  This is a Class 2 medical device and is NOT returnable, except for malfunctions.


What people are saying:

"The Eco Thermal Therapy unit I received is amazing. The results have been almost immediate. I have had chronic prostatitis for over a decade." M.L.

"I could hardly stand up straight even though i was taking prescription drugs. After 3 treatments I began to notice relief and after 7 treatments I felt no pain at all. I continue to give myself 3-5 treatments per weak minimum." S.S.

"This unit stopped me from getting up every night to relieve myself, just after 1 treatment. Now I have restful sleeps." P. A.

"My MD Doctor recommended me using this and I am grateful to him. No more uncomfortable feeling." G.R.

"The Eco Therm helped reverse my infected prostate. Even antibiotics did not even touch this problem. I feel like a new man again." P. D. MD

"No more getting up to go to the bathroom every night." R. C.

"I have a medical practice and recommend this to all my patients. It's the main reason they relieve their prostate issues." M.G. MD

Delwa-Star H eco heat pulse unit.

Heat pulse therapy unit for self-treatment of Heammorrhoids.

Application is simple, easy and perfectly hygenic.

The therapy device is a unit controlled by a microprocessor which heats a temperature adjustable thermal element sealed in a rectile probe. This rectile probe, which is the shape of an elongated suppository, is introduced into the anal canal and set at a temperature which is ideal and comfortable for the patient (37° - 45°). The probe radiates pulsating heat waves for 20 minute periods at the desired temperature.

Unit Includes:

1 Main unit

AC Adapter

1 x 100mm thermal probe with heating element and electronic temperature sensor.

Full 2 year warranty

Fully Guaranteed

Benefits of Delwa-Star Thermotherapy:

It stimulates the immune system temporarily raising the body temperature to encourage the self healing process and increases the level of disease-fighting white blood cells (leukoceutes).


Control Device: Electronic regulator with 20minute timer


Control Panel: Selector Button for temperatures from 27° - 45°. Green LED display - The unit becomes charged once the power supply device is connected. After 8 hours the unit will be fully charged. A safety mechanism impedes all possibility of even the slightest excess in charge to damage the storage battery.

Yellow LED display (Cycle=the unit functions during 20 mins).


Power Supply: Power Pack (5 x 1.5v)


Functioning time: 5 hours of charging


Probe: Constructed of metal with good conductability, anodized with heating element and electronic temperature sensor.


Length of probe cable: 1.5 meters


Dimentions: 10cm x 3.5cm x 15cm


Weight: Approx. 230g


Product warranty: 2 years.


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